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We are very pleased with our beautiful home built by ChrisMill homes. Bill and Jennifer strive to make the customer happy. As with any project, there are many moving parts and miscommunication can happen. Communicating in BuilderTrend and personal emails is perfect to have a written history of all requests. Jennifer works hard to ensure every detail is discussed during the planning meeting and is very helpful when making design decisions. The building process takes months after the initial planning meeting day and the customer always has questions and concerns and possibly even additional requests during the build process. This is where the emails and buildertrend communication is crucial. Face to Face meetings with Bill and the superintendent is very beneficial but always follow up in writing. Every member of The ChrisMill team is very helpful and love to see the customer happy and the prices are very reasonable for the exceptional quality of the home and excellent customer service! We highly recommend ChrisMill homes!

We <3 so much!!! Y'all did a wonderful job!!

We are thoroughly enjoying our house and it is really starting to feel like home. We couldn't be happier with the finished product. Thank you again for your patience and all your help! We would gladly recommend ChrisMill Homes to anyone we know.

I received a call from someone at the Health Department that knew me very well and you all built their home 13 years ago. I have been admiring her home and now we have you all building ours. God works in mysterious ways!