Who Should You Contact First: The Architect or The Builder?

For many aspiring homeowners, the question of who to contact first can be a bit tricky. Although an architect and a builder have different roles in the building process, together they make a pretty great team in turning your dream into a custom-made reality. To get the most out of your home building experience, it is best to contact a builder first to get the best price for your build. It may seem odd, knowing that builders build and architects plan, but speaking with a builder first has its many benefits.

Reasons Why You Should Contact a Builder First

Builders are known for making visions on paper a reality.

Speaking with a builder helps you envision a custom home that is more than just a layout on paper. Builders are the ones that will be doing the actual building of your home. They know what will and can be possible, saving you time and money on unexpected design changes when structure problems arise.

Builders have extensive knowledge of how much things will cost.

More than likely, you are planning to build a custom home within a budget. When speaking with a builder, you will get to know from day one how much everything will cost from start to finish so that you can adjust your project accordingly.

Builders are great at saving money on projects.

Builders know all about what it takes to build the home you have in mind in the most efficient way possible. After speaking with your builder, you will discover how much you can save on your custom build. 

Speaking with a builder first is a great way to discover the possibilities of building a custom home within your budget. Once you know what you are looking for in more specific terms, you can then reach out to your architect for a more creative perspective on your custom home project to turn your dream home into a custom-made reality. 

Finding a reputable builder to build your custom home is crucial to your home building experience and the overall outcome of your custom home. Chris Mill Homes aim to provide you with the best possible custom home building experience from start to finish. Get in touch with us to start your journey to building the home of your dreams by scheduling an appointment or giving us a call at (229) 249-0901.