Why Hiring a Licensed Contractor Matters

Building your dream home is an extensive process that requires knowledge, planning, and experience. After all, a home is much more than just a place to live; it's an investment in your family's future! There are plenty of reasons why you should always hire licensed contractors to work on your home, but here are just a few:

First, when a contractor is licensed, it means they are legitimate about working in the homebuilding industry; they are not simply taking your money and running. After all, a contractor's license likely cost them hundreds or even thousands of dollars an requires extensive paperwork and continuing education. It demonstrates that the individual doesn't cut corners when it comes to their legitimacy, and it increases the likelihood that they won't cut corners on your project either.

Secondly, their legitimacy also grants the customer a tool to use if the contractor doesn't live up to their end of the bargain, as you can report the contractor and even go after their surety bond. If accused of wrongdoing, the contractor could lose his or her license and subsequently, his or her livelihood.

Third, a contractor who is licensed by law must have a workman's compensation insurance on themselves and their employees. This insurance helps to protect you, the owner, in the relatively frequent occurrence that someone gets hurt on the job. Without that insurance, it's likely the injured individual's medical bills will be YOUR responsibility.

Fourth, hiring an unlicensed contractor may void any warranties on the produces they installed. This means any sort of major appliances and even some fixtures wouldn't be warrantied or serviceable if they malfunctioned.

There are a LOT of unlicensed contractors out there. Anyone who can (or can't!) swing a hammer can claim to be a contractor, but few are licensed to do so. A license is obtained by a contractor after they have filled out the proper forms with the state where they are doing business, paid the appropriate fees, taken the appropriate tests, and obtained the correct insurance and surety bond required by the state.

Statistics show that approximately 30% of the homes being built now are with unlicensed contractors. Don't fall victim to an unexperienced builder; hire a licensed contractor and protect your investment.